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Japanese Women poo roses


Seriously WTF. I wish they did shit roses, and after seeing what comes out of this girls arse, you will too. Its fucking like water, and splatters all over the ground. For fucks sake. 18+


by Theck

submitted March 2nd 2006

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That was a brown beast coming out of her ass...wait, sorry Brown.beast.
12 years ago
Is there a series where they have this done at work? I imagine it would start stinking up the place if they didn't clean up between session.
12 years ago

I wish i hadnt been eating breakfast while watching that...
12 years ago
good damn, that was fucked up, i like a good shit omlette for breakfast as much as the next guy, but that was brutal.
12 years ago
I just dry heaved there. Seriously there must be a strong demand for this kind of stuff like from now on when i walk down the road il be looking at people thinking " i wonder does that guy like his wife to shit all over him?" . Its a bit weird that people like walk amongst us. Maybe your old teacher ust to watch you in class wishing you would crap all over him *shiver*
12 years ago
I still don't get it.
12 years ago
What are they feed'n these hotties....................
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
what happened to the emergency exit?
12 years ago
the truth is she was fucked up the ass by everyone in the office and that much cum acted like an enema
12 years ago
Now i know why i don't watch girls doing filty stuff, my 15dollar pizza dousent cuite taste thesame anymore.
12 years ago
I worked in fast food as a kid, use ur imagination. UGGGHH. Personly i never did anything but i cant vouch 4 anyone else
12 years ago
I'm cracking up with laughter after reading some of the comments! HA! HA! HA!
11 years ago
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