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Bush wants a job!

We all know how the story ends!


by vwpolo

submitted March 2nd 2006

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12 years ago
Well, he's President, but I imagine he's still looking....
12 years ago
he applied to be my gardner last week
12 years ago
He could be an OB-GYN, and "share his love with women".
12 years ago
He couldn't be a fry chef, though. Not skilled enough for THAT impressive job.
12 years ago
This was so great! LOL!! acting requires practice.
12 years ago
I think you're taking your own jokes too seriously there, monkeyfuck. But what DON'T you take too seriously?
12 years ago
Turd- Well, I don't take you seriously at all. Does that count?
12 years ago
No monkeyfuck, you don't count!
12 years ago
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