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awesome taco



by holymackerel

submitted March 1st 2006

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mmmmmm now is it only 99c ? or 2 for 99c?
12 years ago
12 years ago
That was funny. So long, Taco Hell and hellooooo Taco Town!
12 years ago
hmm... <insert comment>
12 years ago
It was funny until SNL started showing it every fucking week for the duration of the season.
12 years ago
Wow.... just... wow....

I'll never get that wasted time back....... :(
12 years ago
and then one of the employees smears dogshit on it and the taco tastes even better.
12 years ago
Got to love the finishing touch of vegetarian chili
12 years ago
lol thats absolutly brilliant
12 years ago
I'd buy it! Hell, ther's a dish called "The Kitchen Sink" at a restaraunt called Jungle Jims....it's this pan shaped like a sink with checker-fries as a bottom layer and on top there's (in any order): broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery (comes with dip), chicken strips, chicken wings, chicken rings, onino rings, shrimp rings, taquitos, mozza sticks and 2 pieces of garlic bread on the top...I ate down to the fries haha and yes by myself..so I think I could get that taco down to the pizza :).

Please god somebody actually make that taco for me!
12 years ago
Is SNL getting funny again?
12 years ago
Derk... if anyone does make it for you... please post it up on here.
12 years ago
now I'm hungry dammit! And a mini pizza wrapped around a taco might be worth trying....

Funny but they do over play things. America has gone way overboard on food though.
12 years ago
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