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one of these horror commercials

She's alone at night and there's a guy outside wanting to kill her. What will happen?


by phaet

submitted March 1st 2006

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cool a free rock... im there
12 years ago
God bless America and the NRA.
12 years ago
sweet commercial!!

They should have this run instead of those so-so Brinks home security ads....
12 years ago
located West Side, SLC bitch! (mormon getto)
12 years ago
12 years ago
guns and free rocks, its win win.
12 years ago
if it is a crack rock i am all there
12 years ago
why'd they cast a girl who looks like she got hit in the face with a bag of quarters?
12 years ago
yum... i could go for some crack right about now... its always time for crack...crack in the kitchen, crack in the bathroom, crack in the bedroom, crack in the car, crack in the backyard, crack in the front yard... kickin it with crack.
12 years ago
crack rock?!?!
12 years ago
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