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Fishing goes wrong!

This is why i don't fish! I really hope this isn't real!


by vwpolo

submitted February 28th 2006

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vw and Vict: Sorry. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.
12 years ago
Yeah sure 2 comments - the spanish inquisition! That's pretty much the same!
12 years ago
And wolfm30, i'm not trying to be a smartass here but isn't it ATSFHD?
12 years ago
vw- you don't watch Monty Python, do you?
12 years ago
12 years ago
/\ aint this some fine howdy dooing my ass off ... never mind. that sounds gay.
12 years ago
12 years ago
(Thank you, Chair. You may now sit in the comfy chair until you confess.)
12 years ago
You go monkeyfuck! change the subject once more and act like nothing happend when you see other people agree with me!
12 years ago
that guy is accident prone beyond belief
12 years ago
I Confess!
12 years ago
vw- what subject am I changing? I was merely confirming the reason for your inability to comprehend my "Spanish Inquisition" comment. Chair was good enough to demonstrate that he knew what I was saying and I thanked him.

Oh, and for the record, I am a self-confessed "mauve neck"- kind of a metropolitan red neck, if you will. I drink wine coolers when I go bass fishing, I yell "Freebird" at the opera and I yell "complete her forthwith" when I watch NASCAR on my flat screen TV.

Chair- good thing you confessed! I was about to break out the pillow!
12 years ago
I was talking about the monty python "joke"! I hear montey python was involved in the spanish inquisition! Oh wait no it's not! That was changing the subject!
12 years ago
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