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Heart on the Street still Beating ....

Heart shown Twice in Video


by Nasnasay

submitted December 1st 2012

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That's called involintary reflex
6 years ago
It's not a reflex with the heart. It's called a cardiac pacemaker, and it will continue until there isn't enough oxygen in the cells to continue energy production
6 years ago
Hey, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once!!!
6 years ago
it's still good just rinse it off
6 years ago
its a re post , this all ways reminds me of a line form a noel gallagher song . a broken heart still beating
6 years ago
6 years ago
I'm pretty sure this is the quickest a video has become unavailable
6 years ago
Available now.
6 years ago
Fake! There is no way the heart can 'fall out' of the chest cavity so neatly. He's only been ripped open from the shoulder, there's no way his heart fell out without pulling half of his vascular system with it.
6 years ago
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