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califnornia on comic-con 4

i fucking found waldo you guys.


by KillRoy

submitted November 30th 2012

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This guy is my hero just for the "I'm going to go find some chicks with bigger tits" comment.
6 years ago
He Eskimo kissed the big-titted blonde chick's tits.

He should be a hero to ALL of us.
6 years ago
I could of did that.
6 years ago
He eskimo kissed a man dressed as superman and gave him a semi, so I'm sure he's a hero to you at least.
6 years ago
I need to find a job like that.
6 years ago
I can see you in a Leia costume.
6 years ago
So was i the only one that found this guy unfunny and douchey? :(

inb4 "just like you barret" comment
6 years ago
just like....... lord queso

* L0RD_QU3S0 saddens himself :( *
6 years ago
But douchey can be funny. Such as telling a woman with small breasts that you are leaving to find women with bigger breasts right to her face.
6 years ago
Looks like a good convention.. ..for me to POOP ON!!
6 years ago
Yaya Han at 01:20
6 years ago
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