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a compilation of cops beating and getting beaten.

eye for an eye, fist for a face.



submitted February 27th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Inane...not insane...LOL..OMG you are all idiots.
12 years ago
Well that didn't take long for you to say something retarded. Well done.
12 years ago
And johnny ringo that didn't take long for you to say nothing as usual! Were idiots? Thank god you are here to point out the way! (sarcasm)
12 years ago
you are calling all muchosucko-ers idiots cause one guy thought you misspelled insane? you really need to work on your arguments, man. youre a fucking moron, feeling honoured by us quoting you! how else do you expect us to repeat your stupid childish 'oneliners' to prove your an idiot ?
12 years ago
And the best part is, he's the one who wrote "inane" instead of "insane"! See his post of 15:44
12 years ago
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