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Gas chamber (execution)

Gas chamber


by Nasnasay

submitted November 18th 2012

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fucking Faces of Death... and i dont even need to watch the clip.
6 years ago
yeah...this shit is so old. i could buy it at my local movie store like 10 years ago and it was old even back then
6 years ago
Don't talk shit about Faces of Death. If not for that series, I don't think I'd be here today.
6 years ago
it was shit hot back in the 80's but seeing again now and it looks fake
6 years ago
i believe i saw faces of death in 84
6 years ago
i beleve you are correct
6 years ago
It does bring back fond memories. My favorite scene was the idiot feeding the bear. My friends and I also found that the song Electric Chair by Einstein's Riceboys synced up perfectly with the electric chair scene.
6 years ago
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