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disco motorbike guy

This dude has skills!


by Mako

submitted February 23rd 2006

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not muchoworthytr_willk
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its 'motorcyclist' you retard
1 year ago
Just repeated the description that was given in the video by the British lady.
1 year ago
just my correction like a man and quit whining like a faggot
1 year ago
thats right just keep bashing that button like a stfu monkey
1 year ago
Except you're not correct. Motorbike and motorcycle are both used to describe the vehicle he was riding. Now fuck off.
1 year ago
Lol fat faggot gets mad over stfu's. What a fucking limey pussy you are.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Wow, only took him an hour to white knight his boyfriend.
1 year ago
Can't have your cake and eat it too. :'(

You bitch just as much as anyone here about people hitting stfu on you, maybe more.

1 year ago
Lol made you comment.
1 year ago
*said the 5 year old
1 year ago
And again...I love it, you always do exactly what I want you to do.
1 year ago
hey look ... im insured with bennetts
1 year ago
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