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In Soviet Russia, car drives you!

Russia's finest drivers at their best.


by Ccarnage

submitted November 14th 2012

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lol , nice parking @2:02
6 years ago
sorry no thumbnail. their website has it hosted from youtube...
6 years ago
you tube links ...bad
6 years ago
I gave up on downvoting youtube links.
If I haven't seen it here, or on any other site.
Upvote, until it no longer works.
6 years ago
so if I go to Russia I should stay away from anything that resembles a road...
6 years ago
this shows how lazy MS users really are because there isnt a thumbnail. maybe you should fix your upload capabilities and your shitty search engines. i dont see why i need to steal someone else's video and re upload it as my own so that it has a thumbnail im not wasting the time or the computer space.
6 years ago
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