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Graffiti Rock - Only Under HipHop Supervision!

Because I grab the microphone and I pick it up And then I fuck it up and then I turn it in And then I turn it out, got the body rockin' sound Then you know I'm gonna get down and Eat a Scooby Snack and take disco nap And then I'm shopping at Sears, 'cause I don't buy at the Gap I'm sending this one out to all the funky inspirations Pretty Purdie on the drums with the beat relations Well, I'm working on rhymes, they're coming line by line Trying to put what I feel into word and rhymes I've got a feelin' comin' on, I've got to make some shit A little somethin' stupid, for the twisted and sick Because I drive like a maniac on the streets And I don't give fuck 'cause I've got the beats Got my nuts swingin' from left to right and Right to left and I'm death defying....


by balaclava

submitted November 10th 2012

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6 years ago
forgot to add Possum and heather safe in the tag
6 years ago
6 years ago
I did that to one of my mom's record. And i end up scratching the shit out of it. And then she found out and beat my ass for doing it.
6 years ago
usually when i scratch its because i saw yet another pic of jenbirdy's meaty vapoury lice-nest of a goohole
6 years ago
nice use of the word 'vapory'
6 years ago
6 years ago
Description was longer than the post. tl;dr.
6 years ago
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