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Dug is having a bonfire!

You'd better redneckogize!


by SmokeFuckinDope

submitted November 8th 2012

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Yep... looks really familiar. I dumped 1 gallon of gas in middle of summer in a creek bed brush fire. Matches were wet so went and got more. About 5 min. passes and then when I get back gas fumes were all in the creek bed (lowest possible point) so when I struck the match I seen the spark and that was it. I was breaking the flames with my body and it was like running out of a tunnel. Sucked pretty bad.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Now I can do it with moonshine... makes a pretty blue flame. You would like it Maggie
6 years ago
Quick question Dug, is your family tree a stump?
6 years ago
take 2 maybe?
6 years ago
Fucking dumb bastard
6 years ago
Get a couple cases of bud. Ask your wife to invite some friends over, have a couple of drinks, then video that.
6 years ago
* ToiletDuck dodges a repost *
4 years ago
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