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Who do you vote for?

I'm thinking nobody wins this one.



submitted November 6th 2012

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Damn you! This is hilarious but it's a YT link!



6 years ago
It only needs to make it til midnight. Won't be as funny after that.
6 years ago
I dunno, I still laugh at the mock concession speeches from 2000.
6 years ago
funny but you tube links always get a dv
6 years ago
I'm more concerned about our propositions than a shitty presidential election
6 years ago
well you Americans have had a black pressie , is a bible basher next ? i reckon you'll be having a tranny president before this century is over
6 years ago
You can't run, you weren't born an American.
6 years ago
anything possible,bush was president!
6 years ago
I'm going to say this plainly so that you might understand it.

You're an idiot.

Thank you for playing, we have some lovely gifts for contestants that didn't make it onto the stage.
6 years ago
Abraham Lincoln won this one.
6 years ago
female version of patrick ewing.....LOL
6 years ago
And boom goes the dynamite.
6 years ago
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