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Most brutal moonsault ever


by Kayfabian

submitted October 31st 2012

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5 years ago
5 years ago
I love how the other dude still pins him down
5 years ago
the show must go on.

they kept going when owen hart fell to his death...and owen would have been the first to say keep on going.
5 years ago
Actually, I'd classify this as a perfect execution.
5 years ago
the most brutal moonsault was actually brock lesnar on kurt angle at a wrestlemania (at least that i've seen)
5 years ago
the best superplex i've ever seen was brock on the big show when he caused the ring to collapse...the week before they were here live
5 years ago
Brock was doing a shooting star press
5 years ago
one of the funniest shit I've seen so far in wrestling
5 years ago
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