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Two Fingers - "Vengeance Rhythm"

Kind of a cool music video... Not a huge fan of the music tho :P "The tune has been brought to life (and death) in a truly jaw-dropping video from stop-frame animator and director Chris Ullens. Ullens transforms a pile of toys, a love of super slo-mo explosions and a huge pile of mince into the funniest, most eye-popping and shocking exercise in animated ultra-violence"

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by yak

submitted October 29th 2012

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God that music is horrendous. I've heard flushing toilets with more melody
5 years ago
Just mute it and put on "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones
5 years ago
"Shiny Happy People" by The B52's
5 years ago
lol , and lol
5 years ago
That Bear is a fucking asshole.
5 years ago
was a great video until he took out the panda. not the fucking panda!!!
5 years ago
yak sucks big donkey dicks
5 years ago
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