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submitted October 23rd 2012

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Retro Jumper
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gonna call fake on this, exposure times would not have been fast enough to capture everything this crisp. either the back ground or the "falling" lady would have been blurred.
6 years ago
“I snatched my camera from the car and took two quick shots as she seemed to hesitate…As quickly as possible I shoved the exposed film into the case and reached for a fresh holder. I no sooner had pulled the slide out and got set for another shot than she waved to the crowd below and pushed herself into space. Screams and shouts burst from the horrified onlookers as her body plummeted toward the street. I took a firm grip on myself, waited until the woman passed the second or third story, and then shot.”
~ Sorgi, 1942
6 years ago
or Life Magazine 18 May 1942
6 years ago
She's actually balancing on the ledge with her arm.
6 years ago
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