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Iraqi UFC!!!!

Tough enough to throw rocks, but not tough enough for the consequences.....tisk tisk tisk :)


by cingular_nick

submitted February 14th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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To the all the world outside USA: You are LUCKY we LET you live.

Now we're trying to do something GOOD for your people and you try to kill us?

I say we join with China and conquer the world then move to the Moon and zap any strays with a L.A.S.E.R.. *Sticks pinky to mouth*
12 years ago
Lol, Watch World War III start on THIS forum... Also, the US has military technology you can't even imagine. Stuff we use as a "last resort" and will never hear about until the apocolypse and we kill God himself.
12 years ago
All your American Technology didnt stop a small group of poeple from flying aircraft into your trade centre. The US was respected 60 years ago, but since Vietnam things just keep going downhill.. The US empire is crumbling fast..
10 years ago
lol the voice in the background xd
5 years ago
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