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Dealing With Bullies


by balaclava

submitted October 18th 2012

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Pretty good. Many of these are here, but well put together.
6 years ago
Yeah I know. Tried to find new ones got lazy.
6 years ago
So it's like a REPOST compilation?
6 years ago
There's a few good ones in here to enjoy....
3 years ago
The first one was the best.
6 years ago
Yeah, kid with the camera had to have been in on it.
6 years ago
the best one is that big kid throwing that little shitmunch on the cement
6 years ago
Pretty sure that first one was staged.
6 years ago
Fuck no. Who wants to take a roundhouse kick to the face/
6 years ago
^dude joined up on my momma's 81st birthday


i think not!
2 years ago
Nice iMovie...
6 years ago
The clip with the fat kid was awesome
6 years ago
quite a few fat kids here actually
6 years ago
Surely this has been posted on here before?
6 years ago
First comment covered that...
6 years ago
and pull your fucking pants up
5 years ago
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