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Poop Trap

I have a feeling barret may just wear one of these.


by conky

submitted September 29th 2012

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What the hell is a "POO-truh-poosa" ?
6 years ago
"Install on your dog" LOL
6 years ago
I'd like to see one "installed" on a great dane when they drop their load..
6 years ago
St. Bernard?
6 years ago
No... English Mastiff!
6 years ago
I wish I had a pair of these for particularly heavy hangover mornings.
6 years ago
Yeah you win smerf, those fat fuckers can get like 350 lbs.. that'd be one massive shit.

* conky calls pooptrapusa for details. *
6 years ago
we had a male great dane and a female boxer when i was a kid - had a litter of 6 puppies we kept until they were almost 5 months old...our back yard was never the same
6 years ago
I'm wearing one of these right now.
6 years ago
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