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African Black Magic Sword Festival

It’s part of an African "Magic Sword Festival". Orisa, the God of All Metals, is known as a Head Deity/Guardian Angel. It is said that a person possessed by an Orisa can not be harmed by any metal thing. They pass large blades through their necks, and even their arms to show that the spirit of an Orisa is using them as a host. But still, it’s some hardcore shit. Those motherfuckers have balls!


by suteadotyu

submitted September 28th 2012

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jungle bunnies in their natural habitat
6 years ago
So what are snow bunny's natural habitat?.... Don't tell me..McDonalds?
6 years ago
confirmed jig^
6 years ago
CONfirmed 3 inches^^
6 years ago
Oh god....
6 years ago
I could never remember that many passwords....
6 years ago
Not a lot of blood there.......WITCH CRAFT........
6 years ago
...what part of "black magic" did you not understand?
6 years ago
so that's what dave chappelle has been doing since his show got canceled
6 years ago
Cool party!
6 years ago
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