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why we have school shootings.


beat with a black dildo and then raped with said dildo


by eatshitanddie

submitted September 28th 2012

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Not quite sure but I think the one wielding the dildo is a closet homosexual, but I'm sure that he is not sure as well.
6 years ago
thought it looked familiar,
6 years ago
Nice fucking tags dumbshit.
6 years ago
Fuck you, take that complaint up with a mod, was submitted pre tags!
6 years ago
a search for dildo would have found it.
6 years ago
you're video was submitted in 2011 and videos prior to that have tags EX; http://muchosucko.com/67748/Flavors
do not lie.
6 years ago
Thats when Yak and Deja tagged them before the site went down. After they brought it back up, there was a time when things didn't get tagged and you couldn't tag them yourself.

So...eat shit and die.
6 years ago
it should make you feel even worse that thefunk's "original" might be a repost...if you really want to show us what's up, go find it, eatshitanddie
6 years ago
I'd go ahead and fix that if I weren't at work AND on my phone
6 years ago
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