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Poor non-Slavic Kid gets Beaten

Google Translate: Initially, the "Front" can hardly be called an organization, rather it was tusovka five or six groups of young Nazis. It was formed in the mid-2000s, consisted of 14-16-year-olds, united by one "hobby" - an attack on people of non-Slavic appearance. For the first time the "Biruliovsky front" said Nazi website "Format 18", which belonged to Maxim Marcinkiewicz. It is this resource video appeared (it can still be found on the web): a few young people were beaten to train Caucasian. Shooting preceded emblem with the words "Biruliovsky front." Action Scheme, handwriting crimes have party members were the same. Once or twice a week, a group of five or six people chosen in one of the city, is where the victim and caused dozens of stab wounds, mostly to the chest and neck.


by suteadotyu

submitted September 26th 2012

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269 subs of shit....
how about you shoot yourself and post the video ?
6 years ago
Maybe 5 or 10 good subs...
6 years ago
meh, let the man troll. I find his horribly distorted mannerisms as titles mildly amusing
6 years ago
The descriptions are the best, really. Also the gore competition he has going with that other clown here....seeeeep or whatever.
6 years ago

He's got smeeep beaten by a long shot, but they both suck
6 years ago
Russians aren't Slavs. They're Finno-Ugric.
4 years ago
slav is an ethnic term, but finno-ugric technically isnt, it's geographic.Don't confuse yourself now
4 years ago
I don't. Russians are descendants of Meri (Merja), Vesi (Veps), Muroma, Meshera, Moksha, Karelians, Izhorans etc.
4 years ago
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