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Girl Commits Suicide In Front of Classmates

On September 19, 2012, 14 year old Colombian girl named Brigit Lorena Gonzalez committed suicide by shooting herself with a .38 caliber gun in front of her classmates from the Institución Educativa Técnica Francisco Núñez Pedroso in Mariquita, in the department of Tolima, Colombia. To draw attention to her suicide, Brigit Lorena Gonzalez first fired two shots into the air and then waited for people to gather round. Then when authorities showed up, Brigit Lorena Gonzalez shot herself in the stomach.


by suteadotyu

submitted September 24th 2012

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she shot herself in the stomach? lol what a stupid bitch
6 years ago
Probably failed at the suicide, too.
6 years ago
the only reason i upvoted is because i'm pretty sure she did
6 years ago
bongwater, that's why the statistic of more women attempt suicide, more men actually commit suicide exists. I think most of the women who do this are just looking for attention. unhappy that they're not getting it, and decide they'll "teach everybody a lesson" for not giving it to them. that'll show em.
6 years ago
Permanent solution to a temporary problem. Poor girl.
6 years ago
maybe she saw another one of your dumb reposts
6 years ago
wow, the whole time i was thinking this was really sad, until that kid flashed the DIO signs at the end
6 years ago
i would like to upvote, but people really need to learn how to use focus AND keep their damn hands steady.
6 years ago
Jenny spoke in, spoke in, Jenny spoke in class today.
5 years ago
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