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Unexpected Surprise from a Truck

Unexpected wheel in the windshield.


by suteadotyu

submitted September 22nd 2012

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ive seen this first hand before, its a wild ride. especially when you throw your hands up and scream: yay!!! we're gonna die!!!
5 years ago
this has happened to me. sucks
5 years ago
I flinched and tried to veer left.
5 years ago
thats just what that trucker wants you to do
5 years ago
I saw this happen years ago, luckily I was behind the truck. The wheel totalled a parked VW bug.
5 years ago
Haha! I once had my hood fly up on the highway at 75 mph and I calmy touched the brakes on pulled over.
5 years ago
Last time you let Fries work on your car, eh?
5 years ago
I knew I should've been suspicious when he called it a "motor-carriage".....
5 years ago
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