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Funniest joke in the world

monty python is funny to me now that I'm an adult


by drumrave

submitted September 19th 2012

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omg, if only they got zeke to retrieve the joke. He would have been the secret weapon. Zeke has no humor
6 years ago
You might want some of this
6 years ago
weird, drums - MP started being funny to me when i was 15
6 years ago
I thought it was stupid. Then I realized it was suppose to be
6 years ago
^british humour in a nutshell
6 years ago
They made this into an episode of Fraggle Rock. It amused me then.
6 years ago
Fake, nobody would be able to translate the joke in the first place without dieing laughing.
6 years ago
TR has done it already
6 years ago
Still fake, if TR translated it, it would be in Aramaic.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Did you miss the part where they said the translators worked on one word each?
6 years ago
So... One of the German Contingent of Muchoers want to translate the joke for us non-German-speaking muchoers?
6 years ago
Have you got a death wish? Do you understand the consequences of such a translation?
6 years ago
I'm willing to risk it!
6 years ago
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