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by Sealbasher

submitted September 16th 2012

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life hacks
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Toyota trucks have the longest most annoying seatbelt chime ever. You can unplug/override them, but it disables your airbags.:( So I go to the dealership and ask for a seatbelt extension (which will mute the chime) provided for fat people, which they're required to give you for free. Guy says "Well, we can't order you one unless we measure your waist, as some asshole requested one and then sued us cause the extension he requested negated the seatbelt chime... so if you're not fat enough you can't get one." He gets me though and says "My job is to order parts, not measure the waistbands of fat fucks!" I see his point, and I'm not fat, so we're at loggerheads. He's at the mercy of litigation, and I'm at the mercy of my regularish waistline and that NEVERENDINGFUCKINGDINGINGSEATBELTCHIME!!!!

Standing there in defeat I stumble upon gold. I say "So what if I like fat chicks? Say my old lady is a disgusting hog whose seat belt won't reach? Can I sue you for negligence for refusing me an extension??"

Parts guy checks with his manager and a week later.. "Yes sir here's your seat belt extension."

My hack of the week.
6 years ago
Alternative: wear your seatbelt.
6 years ago
See, muchoing does have some real world applications.
6 years ago
Dirt roads in 4wd, bank drive through or anytime you have to unbuckle to get your wallet out, etc... shit's maddening.
6 years ago
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