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submitted September 10th 2012

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babys daddy
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When it comes to this random ass white baby...

You are NOT the father!
6 years ago
I dunno. You seen Louis CK's kids? He's got a black baby-momma (lack of better term) and his ginger genes overpowered the black jeans so his kids look white.
6 years ago
lol, black jeans....

6 years ago
Mmmmm, it could happen considering this guy's baby mama is probably a huge fat white bitch...having more mass would mean having more genes....meaning they would predominate right? amirite?
6 years ago
She's not fat, she's big gene'd
6 years ago
Dis Aint Funny. What do i do with it? Downvote
6 years ago
This dude wanted to hold the baby sideways like he holds his 9mm
6 years ago
6 years ago
Sell it for crack?
6 years ago
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