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Large dermoid of orbit removal

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by drumrave

submitted September 7th 2012

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6 years ago
I think it's above the eye
6 years ago
How do you grow that much hair inside your body? This is so weird!
6 years ago
Fantastically weird.
6 years ago
<-- upvoted for 420.. Had to consider it over 3 min into vid because of Dr.'s accent..
6 years ago
Mmmmmmm 'meaty pus goodness
6 years ago
Not convinced this doctor properly knew what he was doing.
Yeah he got it out, but pretty sure he went about it pretty half arsed.
6 years ago
I don't think he meant to pop it, but how could you resist!!!
6 years ago
surely if your trying not to pop it you shouldn't use pointed scissors. rounded tipped ones would have worked better. Are q-tips a common used surgical implement also?
6 years ago
I feel like if I closed my eyes, I could easily meditate with the help of this guys calming voice
6 years ago
He missed his true calling.
6 years ago
Bibitty bobitty!
6 years ago
Oh fuck that's gross
5 years ago
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