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Closing the border between Pakistan and India

This is what great countries can achieve with proper funding for their ministries of Silly Walks.


by Jones

submitted August 30th 2012

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Later they all smoke a lot and have gay sex.
6 years ago
The border between the U.S and Mexico should have something like this.
6 years ago
You do realize that would just result in two fat bastards sitting in their lawn chairs starring at each other right?
6 years ago
6 years ago
Isn't that pretty much what it is anyway?
6 years ago
I'm gonna fucking march the absolute mutha fucking shit outta that road!
6 years ago
Cool uniforms and hats. They take goosestepping to new heights too.
6 years ago
if you like them so much why dont you go live there
6 years ago
Just come to England, it looks much the same in parts.
6 years ago
dats nuts
6 years ago
I see the Department of Odd Hats got involved, too.
6 years ago
Unaired Monty Python episode, probably.
5 years ago
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