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DON'T Approaches that House!!!

ING soldier struck by explosion as he approaches a house.


by suteadotyu

submitted August 26th 2012

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Ha ha..the quarter pounder wrapper tumbleweed...
6 years ago
That's one hell of a door bell but I'll bet it keeps the jesus freaks away.
6 years ago
6 years ago
knock fucking knock

whos there

6 years ago
how the fuck is that shithole worth fighting for ?...
3 years ago
* fries-please thinks of joining the YNC as they seem to have all the original content and Mucho just has all the sloppy seconds *
3 years ago
Good fucking riddance.
3 years ago
shut your filthy cockhole , you'd be the first to miss me
3 years ago
Fuck off, teanigger. We both know you'll be like a rat an abandon a sinking ship. As it is you sit here and talk to yourself. It's like you're Punky and Dik rolled into one, fatass.
3 years ago