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Lord Queso Rape?


I found out what he has been doing lately.


by Barret

submitted August 23rd 2012

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* smerf gets rather uncomfortable watching this. *

He needs to learn proper body-disposal.
5 years ago
holy shit.. some lurkers searched specifically for this video.

* L0RD_QU3S0 gets rather uncomfortable glancing over at pervspy *
4 years ago
thats one battered vag for a cheerleader
5 years ago
at least he doesnt have to pay her now
5 years ago
Atta boy, Queso
5 years ago
its not really him
5 years ago
It's Captain Obvious and his sidekick, REALLY?
5 years ago
i made it till zeke started talking
5 years ago
who hasnt choked a bitch out while raping her lame
5 years ago
Some of us don't need to force women to have sex with us.
5 years ago
^pays them $20
5 years ago
im with you fries
5 years ago
Even when trying to force her, she'd beat the shit out of smerf.
5 years ago
She was kinda cute
3 years ago
recover password
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