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Jesus on the Cross Being Eaten by Ants

This video was put on display at the Smithsonian and was taken down after complaints. The company that was funding the Smithsonian boycotted them into putting the "art" back on display threatening to cut funds. Weird shit if you ask me


by cheesus

submitted August 18th 2012

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Art to me is anything I can't do.


A detailed vibrant painting (oil or watercolor) = Art.

A picture of a turd in a brandy snifter = Not art.

A well shaded charcoal pencil drawing = Art

Someone trying to agitate someone else = Not art

Men who can tolerate horribly bitchy, controlling, diminutive women. = Fucking artists.
6 years ago
Also people who spend all day here and browse the archives and study the comments while murmuring to themselves and taking notes while wearing monocles... = Artists.
6 years ago
artist is not the word i would use :(
6 years ago
Househusband then?..

Or were you referring to the monocle people?
6 years ago
I have beer in my belly. :)
6 years ago
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