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Choking Game Goes Wrong

That was really depressing. I hate that game. It seems to still be very popular with kids.


by suteadotyu

submitted August 14th 2012

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documenting stupidity
5 years ago
what's the point in chocking yourself if you're not going to jerk off?
5 years ago
So...is he dead? If not, what a poser.
5 years ago
didnt look like a game to me
5 years ago
ya i dont get it
5 years ago
and before one of you idiots try to explain it prefuck off
5 years ago
anyone who wears trackie bottoms should go this way
5 years ago
Yeah, we did this as a kid. Not this stupidly and always with other people around.

Make yourself light head then hold your breath while someone pushes against your chest. Way safer and just as "fun".
5 years ago
I was in 3rd grade, I think. I've since switched to weed.
5 years ago
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