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Norm MacDonald.

Hosting the '98 Sports Awards. Athletes aren't known for their sense of humor.


by SteeLxLiver

submitted August 13th 2012

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i saw norm last november or december. he was at a bar nearby a comedy club after his show. when i saw him, i said, look at that guy, he looks like a fat version of norm macdonald, but it was actually him. he had an entourage of coke whores with him.
6 years ago
did he hear you say that?
6 years ago
i doubt it.... but now that i think about it, he could have been in earshot. oh well, its not like i dont think hes funny nonetheless. but he IS pretty fat now.
6 years ago
FUCK Colin Quinn.
6 years ago
I just searched and it doesn't look like norm's moth joke is on here... it has to be the best joke ever
6 years ago
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