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Good to see Herman Brooks still hard at work.


by tr_willk

submitted August 7th 2012

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Dildo Bugger wielded tweezer.
6 years ago
that's the most sense squidley has ever made.
6 years ago
Frito Bugger got humped by Legolam and liked it
6 years ago
300 page children's book, now three feature length movies?

6 years ago
So I'm led to believe either..

1. No one here is a proper nerd and is outraged by this news, or

2. You fags already discussed it in chat at length, which pretty much makes any attempt at starting a conversation on this site a moot point unless it involves calling each other gay or begging fat girls to post tit pics.

* Rolandofgilead posts a picture of a turd now to the applause of the neo cretins. *
6 years ago
chat is mostly about users calling each other gay and begging fat girls to post tit pics.
6 years ago
Single downvoter. What was the last book you read jnoob, and would you recommend it or not?

P.S. Poopjokes Quarterly doesn't count.
6 years ago
He just orders it for the pictures
6 years ago
..and alas was heard not a choir in response, but yea a symphony of crickets, audienced only by a waxy waning moon.
6 years ago
ie. jnoob is afraid of confrontation.

^simplified for the reading impaired
6 years ago
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