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Hugh's favourite sketch

from the series "a bit of Fry and Laurie"


by IdontKnowMan

submitted August 6th 2012

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look, i'm breaking the 4th wall, ain't that funny?

me: yeah, i guess, and...?

i'm doing again now, isn't that just brilliant?

me: not really....

oh, look, i'm doing it again, clever huh?

me: no. look, is this going somewhere?

ouh, let's see, how about a ........ SURPRISE 4TH WALL BREAK????

me: seriously? dude, c'mon, fry, laurie, and this is all you come up with.

but look look look, right here, it's getting hilarious, here it comes, it's a 4TH WALL BREAK!!! i'm pissing myself.....

* Steven_Seagull downvotes and goes wash his hands *
6 years ago
i fucking hate stephen fry...... watch "Stephen Fry in America" and you'll see what im talking about
6 years ago
but what's wrong with breaking the 4th wall if it's in a very funny way?
6 years ago
@jerkstore, Im not a big fan of Fry either, im a fan of anything that reminds me of Monty Python's comedy or anything that's... funny
6 years ago

fry: what was that civic worker's name?

laurie: it was lupus!
6 years ago
ahhh the old gags are the best
6 years ago
id like to put a gag on your mother
6 years ago
*old gag
6 years ago
English humor is only for English people. People from England to be exact.
6 years ago
the title is incorrect , hugh is actually liking mr fry's comment and not solely the sketch
6 years ago
this one was somewhat spoiled for me by seagull's comment which i inadvertently read first; however, the impression was given during the sketch that the guy on the left didn't know the 4th wall was going to be broken. he looked legitimately annoyed, so that made it pretty funny.
6 years ago
cept his logic is flawed
6 years ago
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