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3599 POINTS IN Nintendo game and watch console !!!



by superroma5

submitted August 6th 2012

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a) that's not a game&watch, looks like some cheap chinese or russian knockoff.

b)we don't like youtube links very much on here

c)get an avatar

d)welcome to mucho you cumguzzling shiteating vodkaswilling communist piece of gipsy shit
6 years ago
a) It's soviet clone.
b) Youtube is very fast.
c) avatars for gays
d) ass your mom is very cool to fuck
6 years ago
hahaha, you're like a living stereotype, i like you.

but seriously, b) and c) dude, or you will have a hard time on here, mkay?
6 years ago
too late, its time to fuck off
6 years ago
fucking assholes without an avatar, they should just send in videos getting their cocks cut off....
6 years ago
6 years ago
there are also no comments in the tags
6 years ago
i wouldnt even sit through 38 minutes of that way back in the 80's nevermind today
6 years ago
i had Trojan Horse
6 years ago
i also sold a 2 screen Mario Bros recently on Ebay for £25
6 years ago
6 years ago
Ffffffuck you.
6 years ago
6 years ago
I hope Punky likes this one. Keep him busy
4 years ago
So what I'm level 82 on GTA5 (Playstation 3)
4 years ago
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