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I feel the earthquake comin

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by ClaudeBallz

submitted August 4th 2012

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nice tags
5 years ago
fuck it...let drum make them in his own image, then JT can dump it
5 years ago
MS is a complicated place these days, i'll give you that
5 years ago
having said that - a disclaimer for OLD MSers - if you dont have the time or the drive to try to adjust to MS as it is now -

...me shrugs

5 years ago
it's no big deal if you stay, it's no big deal if you leave -

if you want the OLD MS - take it back!...i will ride that bandwagon fer sure cause IMO it was more funner back then...but if you are just here to bitch, well...
5 years ago
* possum subs mores now *
5 years ago
how'd you know that I was going to see this?
5 years ago
Who is this?
5 years ago
cut chemist ft blackbird
5 years ago
5 years ago
Not a lot of free thinkers here, huh?
5 years ago
actually like it, and now im doing cut chemist ,on the playlist, for the night.
5 years ago
fucking past seags put this in my favourites,,,,,,

that dude knows me so well, this is pretty fucking money!
4 years ago
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