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Lions Attack Trainer


by kvlt666

submitted August 4th 2012

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terrible..animal circuses should be illegal
6 years ago
payback is a birch
6 years ago
^ dumb ash
6 years ago
Then what other reason would there be to go to the circus. I guess making a living environment and keeping them at their will and feeding them and giving them medical attention when needed would have been just a waste of my time yesterday at the zoo also.
6 years ago
"close your eyes" Let the little bastards watch, then they can learn not to fuck with wild animals
6 years ago
they missed a learning experience. now some day those kids will grow up and get mauled by a bear because they didn't learn to fear animals because they closed their eyes
6 years ago
There's a big difference in attitude towards the one trainer then they had with the other two, gee, I wonder why.
6 years ago
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