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the best band that ever lived

Thin Lizzy

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by brownwings

submitted August 2nd 2012

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Great band.
Great song.
6 years ago
upvotes, but respectfully disagrees
6 years ago
I agree with your disagreement.
6 years ago
Upvoted for the song.

And the youtube embed. Fuck you, whiny bitches!
6 years ago
good band...not even top 100 dude.
6 years ago
"How come they never come out with any new Classic Rock?"

One of the best songs ever.
6 years ago
I have an old Thin Lizzy concert programme somewhere, it has a favourites list for each band member, under drugs(not joking) every one said angel dust! Not sure that would happen today!
6 years ago
as much as i like Thin Lizzy, what sealed it for me that actually introduced me to the band was the tune 'Warriors' when i first heard it new on the radio back in the 70's, then 'Angel from the Coast' when i bought the 'Jailbreak' album..RIP Phil Lynott..(i wonder how many folks know that Phil was Black/Irish and Slash is Black/British?)...
6 years ago
Yep sticky, I still have Jailbreak on vinyl, along with most of their other stuff, live & dangerous though,is to this day, one of the best all time live albums, i reckon anyways....
6 years ago
thats funny you would write that!..just before i logged on to Mucho™, i was playing the 'Live and Dangerous' CD..last week, i was watching Thin Lizzy play a recent concert on television..the singer tries to sing like Phillip..even when i turn away to listen, its close but it still doesn't quite hit it..Phil is surely missed!...
6 years ago
Also RIP Gary Moore,he went out on a champagne bender. It's the right way to go.....
6 years ago
He's my favorite black Irish singer.
6 years ago
best band that ever lived,prob would not have got thru on xfactor
5 years ago
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