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Jesus taught him karate...

...unfortunately for him, Jesus didn't fucking know karate. Mentally impaired/ill man is lured into a dojo in 1984, where a student is encouraged to show him his karate is better than Jesus' karate.


by makodragon

submitted July 31st 2012

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I seen this before a long time ago just cant remember what site i saw this video on.
6 years ago
Repost and one of the most fucked up videos I've ever seen.
6 years ago
so it was this site i seen this video on.
6 years ago
What an idiot, the Instructor has to do a back ground check before putting him on the ring, like where he learned his techniques, who thought him technique and vise versa..If I was that instructor on that video and someone from the street come inside my school and tells me that Jesus thought him how to fight, I'll kick him out of my school like theres no tomorrow, but this video shows that......
6 years ago
Promoted to 10th degree redbelt? by Jesus Christ?!!!!...Delusional
6 years ago
Brown-nosing ass John...
6 years ago
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