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Clogged Salivary Gland Stone

Self removal and drainage. Long video, money shot at 5:55


by TheFunk

submitted July 29th 2012

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the thumbnail looks english
6 years ago
she doesn't sound english, though.

it actually blows some minds in america when they hear a black guy with an english accent.
6 years ago
I ad some thing similar to this. granted mine wasnt NEALY as gross. it was WAY smaller to like the size of a mustard seed. years back i felt something painful under my tongue and it slowly moved from my throat to just under my tongue in the front. i kept putting pressure on it and this little yellow kinda chalky pebble came out. immediately after there was no more pain. i wonder what causes this.
6 years ago
You should have let it get infected. I know I would.

I mean, how fun does that look?
6 years ago
according to medline plus:

The chemicals in saliva can crystallize into a stone that can block the salivary ducts.
6 years ago
embedd fail^
6 years ago
I wonder if she lost her job for admitting that she smokes weed?
6 years ago
6 years ago
This is what happens when you leave cum in your mouth for too long.
6 years ago
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