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Not "News".

You wont see the talking heads on tv yammering about this for the next six months or so. I wonder why??


by Rolandofgilead

submitted July 21st 2012

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grandpa bustin a cap
6 years ago
nice job squid
6 years ago
I'd have had something more substantial than a .380. A .38 snub nose for example or a small 9 millimeter. Take my word for it. Squidley has guns.
6 years ago
Oh my god, a white man just shot a black person!
Where's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton???
6 years ago
if only someone had had a gun at batman.
6 years ago
besides the perpetrator.
6 years ago
I've always said that when a massacre happens its a situation where a bad guy with guns attacks good guys without guns. You wouldn't be seeing massacres at a police station or a gun club.
6 years ago
So they're basically shitting their pants as they run away, are on the ground and you're still firing? Some people should not get a CCW
6 years ago
ya so? and if he stopped shooting at them before they left, who's to say they wouldnt have turned back and started firing? i think you might want to think about removing your head from your ass, the smell is making you fucking retarded.
6 years ago
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