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Rags at his "Seasonal" Job

helping santa with the toys


by Jenbirdy

submitted July 14th 2012

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Rags at his
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i got $15 every time i sold one of those...you better believe anyone that looked at the sex toys heard about the crystal rabbit.
5 years ago
Sooo...tell me why should i buy one?
5 years ago
Worst salesman ever
5 years ago
he looks like Justin bieber in this picture lol. no lie that stupid baby song pop in my head when i saw this picture.
5 years ago
That means its time to slow down on the weed
5 years ago
never :)
* thatdude420 takes another puff from the bowl *
5 years ago
The base picture I shopped his face to was for a
"Deluxe Elf Child's Costume"
5 years ago
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