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Next time you call for gun control

or I suppose they could try to outlaw pointy objects.


by Pinjas

submitted July 9th 2012

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Something tells me the instructor "occasionally" uses.
6 years ago
the title does not match the content..i was expecting that hopped up little dude to actually stab that danny bonaduce looking ass nigger
6 years ago
billy is a suckass
6 years ago
lets take it outside you rat-looking playdead hump
6 years ago
i'm not allowed guns - are pinking shears at 20 paces okay wif you?
6 years ago
you 2 gonna get it on ?
6 years ago
cause if so, fries wants in. or at least to sit in the corner and watch while quietly masturbating
6 years ago
I do enjoy my target shooting but I haven't shot anythin more alive than a pumpkin in quite awhile.
6 years ago
I'd like to shoot you.
6 years ago
What if he's got a pointed stick?
6 years ago
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