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Shot In The Leg M16 Bullet

Gunshot wound made by an M16, bullet entered inner thigh, exited through the outer. The white specks on the X-ray are the fragments of the 55 grain M193 ball ammo.


by thatdude420

submitted July 7th 2012

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Shot In The Leg M16 Bullet
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America...Fuck Yeah!!!
6 years ago
Yea, that looks like it hurt. A lot.
6 years ago
Like kisses from kittens
6 years ago
wow ,thats from just one bullet, fuckk ,
6 years ago
Maybe it was a 3 round burst
6 years ago
* L0RD_QU3S0 sings Hey man nice shot by Filter *
6 years ago
I wonder what part of the body our highly skill marine was aiming for? I bet it wasnt the leg
6 years ago
The penis
3 years ago
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