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Storm Cloud

could care less what you guys think. I thought it was really cool. Unfortunately where i lived, it didn't hit us.


by Vlady

submitted July 5th 2012

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Where was this?
6 years ago
In New Jersey, it was like 15-20 miles away from my house.
6 years ago
I meant where as in what town.
6 years ago
Oh, uhh when i checked my phone, it said it was around Trenton/Lawrenceville. So Mercer County.
6 years ago
Cool, but not very destructive. That is not ground lightening, it is cloud-to-cloud.
6 years ago
Yeah, This was the first time i ever got to see it thise close. Most other times it's 50+ miles out.
6 years ago
this happened in philly too except the lightning was a red orange color. pretty cool
6 years ago
oh wow, that does sound pretty cool.
6 years ago
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